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Wielder Cloudbreaker Jedi Reference Sheet by wielderofthewind Wielder Cloudbreaker Jedi Reference Sheet by wielderofthewind
Name: Wielder Cloudbreaker (later Raine)
Nickname: Howler by only the closest of friends, Rogue to other Jedi who refuse to refer to her by name, and Wild One by a very special Jedi Master...
Sex: Boobs (female)
Age: Mid-late 20s in the reference
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf
Home Planet: Tatooine (I ISH ORIGINAL...all of the shittiest childhoods begin on Tatooine...)
Master: Okari Moonfield
Rank: Remains a Jedi Knight throughout much of her career and was content to remain thusly, but earns the rank of Master after training her one and only Padawan. Becomes a Jedi General during the Clone Wars.
Specialization: Sentinel Shadow
Physical Traits: Fairly average body type. Pelt colors are primarily warm greys (slightly darker on the back of her ears), white, brown (hair is slightly darker than other markings, and black. Her hair is most often fairly wild and untrimmed. Always wears the pendulum earrings her father made from something dear to him before he died. Also always wears the choker given to her by Obi-Wan shortly before their respective apprenticeships started. Often wears civilian clothes since her duty as a Shadow requires her to blend into her surroundings. Normal attire includes basic Jedi robes as seen in the reference. Her tabard is typically brown leather. Clothes can differ.

Personality Traits: Wielder is confident, cocky, and can be arrogant if she feels she has the right to be. She holds steadfast to her own opinions, morals, and ideals, and that can be an advantage or a disadvantage, especially in the Jedi Order. However, she's not one to normally act snobbish as she's about as common as one could get. She's fiercely loyal to friends and those who she considers family, many of those relationships bordering on attachment even though they are non-romantic in nature.

She's got a fairly bad temper and either deals with it by short-lived but bold outbursts or brooding. Her will is stubborn, and she sometimes acts a bit selfishly in not recognizing the will of others or trying to see things from a different point of view. She can be diplomatic when she feels the cause is right, trusts the intentions of those involved, and is put in the position where she has to be. However, more often than not, it's best to not put her in the position of negotiator/diplomat. She's just better at killing things.

Her facade is hard and tough...almost uncaring. Her life hasn't been an easy one as she's lost many of those she's cared about along the way. However, she's a soft and kind soul under all the angry stares and cussing. Many of the younglings in the Temple sense that her "brown aura" as she calls it is just an act, so, when she's in Coruscant for any length of time, one can often find her dragging a couple of younglings around as they grab onto her tail, unwilling to let go. Though she can be frequently impatient, she tries her best to not be an ass...frequently fails at this.

As for her more personal affairs, Wielder hides a secret marriage to a military man from Amaroq, the system of the Wolves, for a few years. This was fairly easy as she was assigned with her former Master to guard relations between the Amaroq System and the Republic. Later on, her husband is executed under charges of treason, and Wielder is forced to watch or cause a diplomatic and political crisis for both the Amaroquians and the Republic she serves. Her husband's murder nearly destroys her, and she goes through a terrible catabasis once back at the Temple to regain herself once more. Not that the returning feelings she has for a certain blonde Jedi Master didn't help...

And she likes whiskey and coffee. Known to sing showtunes while drunk...especially to pretty girls.

Force Powers/Various Talents: She's not really overly strong in any area. Her main strength is the fact that she's tenacious and resourceful. Okari trained her in many forms of unarmed combat and Battle Meditation. Getting to know Wielder is a fairly elusive gamble and she is able to keep many secrets, even from her fellow Jedi, and this aids her greatly in her duties as a Shadow. As per Sentinel training, she has a rudimentary grasp of Force Healing. Skilled with a lightsaber, handy with a blaster (that's what she gets for running around with a rough crowd on missions), and can throw a mean right hook. Uses the famous Jedi Finger Wavy Thingy (yay for Jedi Mind Control) for things of a silly nature. Nearly convinced Jar Jar Binks to bite his own tongue off before Obi-Wan slapped her in the back of the head. Dammit, she nearly saved the franchise...gah, ObiWanz doesn't let her have any fun.

Other than that, she's always had an internal struggle with her own nature. She's not a person who can walk solely the Light Path. As her Master had warned her, she would eventually have to find a middle road. Many of her talents wouldn't be what most in the Order would consider "talents" but rather curses.

This guys...this shit is OLD. It will be redone. But some of you were interested to see my reference sheet for my OC, Wielder, so here it is. It's still basically correct, but the art on it is shit. Must redo. This makes me cry.
Inkohaulyc-1 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
The Force is fluffy with this one. :b
wielderofthewind Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed. Indeed it is.
Shadowmanic Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so good to see art from you again! :D
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